Can sharing privileges be set up so team members can update on progress?

Is there a way to share/publish projects with some sort of user-privileges so each staff member can update their own progress without being able to edit the rest of the project or update another resource’s progress (whether accidentally or maliciously)?


We’ve got a feature request open on this sort of collaboration, but currently someone who has access to a synced OmniPlan document can edit the whole thing. (Will attach you to that item in our development database so the rest of the team knows you’d like to see it added.)

Thanks, Brian!

Here’s an example of what I do to solve that problem and to make the project manager’s job much easier; in fact it is my business angle: I work for a company whose project manager, instead of letting the team members access the entire OP file, has me send them an email every weekday or every week with their individual active tasks. They, then reply giving percentage completed and comments (which is all the PM needs and wants). I then, via a collection of AppleScripts and AppleScript libraries, transfer the task updates to the OP file. There is no danger that the file will be modified or viewed by team members (the PM does not want the entire team to see everything since some of it is sensitive). I work with a strict NDA to protect my client, and as an added benefit, the PM can ask for new functionality. What she seems to love the most in the functionality that she had me create, is the ability to send tasks to team members via SMS (one txt message creates the task in OP and alerts the team member that the task has been assigned to him). That has become the primary way she sends tasks to team members.

This way, the PM does not need to worry about updating the project with team members’ input, and the team members don’t have to deal with a project manager program. All they do is do their jobs and reply to a simple email.