Can’t download OF 2

An update to OF 2 failed on my iPhone. Message indicated I needed to update manually. OF 2 is gone and OF 3 isn’t available yet. Bad screwup Omni.

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OF2 need to be removed from sale to prevent its purchase as OF 3 goes live on Wednesday.

The method to update is discussed in another forum thread here.



Thanks Scotty. It’s still a serious screwup. Imagine if I didn’t have an iPad to use in the meantime and something important didn’t get done. Too sloppy for a company this good.

My Apple Watch is useless fo OF with the app deleted on the iPhone for goodness sake.

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You can uninstall the app and then reinstall it from your purchased apps section which will solve your problem in the meantime.

Indeed. Scotty pointed me in the right direction.

The real issue is procedural. Proper software development, testing, and release mechanisms are the real issue here. OF has an issue bigger than my update problem. It’s that I hope they will review and adjust. It should be simple enough.

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I believe they’re restricted by features (lack of) in the App Store. Ideally, they’d be able to leave OF2 up and visible but marked in some way as “only available as redownload for previous purchasers”. There’s no way of doing that in the App Store, I don’t think