Can we have tabs like the Finder or Safari?

One cool thing would be to have Tabs like Safari or the new finder in OF2. This would let people switch perspectives and views very quickly.


Love this idea. Opening a new window is a poor substitute.

Could you explain more about how this is different from the tabs running down the side of the window that we have now?

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You could have several perspectives open and switch between them quickly

Did you know you can do that now? Open the Perspectives window, then click on the stars to give your favorite perspectives a permanent home in your sidebar:

Hope this helps!


There are some problems with doing this right now. For one, the scrollbar position is not saved when you move from one perspective to another. This means you have to manually re-scroll through a potentially long list every time you switch perspectives.

The other problem is that the selected task is not remembered for Custom Perspectives when switching back to them. This means you may have to remember the task item you were just working on.

(I have filed bug for both behaviors complete with screencasts.)

Obviously working in this manner would be maddening. Nobody would work with tabs in the Finder or Safari if they didn’t remember the scrollbar position or the selected file/directory.


Hi Lizard,

It is different because tabs (theoretically) would provide a persistent view. Clicking a perspective from the sidebar does not refresh the current view for that perspective, it re-sets it. Is that a bug?

As mentioned up-thread, focus on a task and scroll position are both lost when choosing a custom perspective from the sidebar. My vision of tabs is that tabs would behave exactly like separate windows, retaining the view and focus which they have when switching back and forth. Kind of like Finder windows, just as the OP implied.

Hope that explained it somewhat better.


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