Can we see project names when using a custom perspective in OSX's Today widget?

I discovered yesterday that I can put a custom perspective in the Omnifocus Today widget in OSX’s notification center - this is great!

However, it doesn’t include project names, so I get stuff like “Check existing code” which isn’t a lot of use if I don’t know which project I’m checking code for.

Is it possible to add project names to the perspective in the Today widget? When I view the perspective in OF it is divided into separate projects.

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No, only the action title is shown.

This could be a good opportunity to practise writing better actions, however. In particular, write the action so that if you gave it to someone else, they could also act on the item. You shouldn’t assume that you’ll always have the project field showing to give you the rest of the information.

So I would write something like “check existing code for database processor on”, or, perhaps even better “check if db processing code on has been updated to use newSQL”.

At first this is a means to an end, making your Today widget more useful, but I think you’ll find that this level of consideration when writing actions is very helpful when planning and thinking through your projects.

They should add this feature in OS X and iOS too. In my opinion, it makes little sense to add the context for each task manually when they’re already part of a project and have a context.

I completely agree! Just try Action Groups and see what happens. There is zero context when displaying the tasks in Context view or in the Today Widget,

When utilizing templates, you can not have context in the task list so the comment about adding context to the task does not make sense.

For me, this is an area where Omnigroup needs to improve on both IOS and OXS.

I agree. A reminder to email to vote for this feature with a link back to this thread if you haven’t already.