Can you disable the sliding transition effects?

When you tap on a task to edit it, the task list splits and slides towards the top and bottom of the screen, then slides back again when you reenter the task list.

I feel like these these moving targets are reducing my speed of working with the data – my eyes and finger become disoriented and chase the next task, waiting for it to stop moving.

Is there a way to turn off the eye candy so the task info window appears instantly and the disappears similarly to show a nice static task list underneath (like OF1)?

This kind of thing was the first stuff I turned off in iOS7 when it was new and have never missed it since.

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Suggestion: submit it as a feature/support request to or ;-)

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Yes. Have done so.

I still find it helpful to run it up the flag pole on the forum and see if anyone salutes it.

Lets me know if others have noticed the same thing.