Can you select and view multiple tags without a custom perspective?

Hi in OF3 iPhone, is there any way of selecting multiple tags in order to view all corresponding actions? I can only see a way of selecting a single tag to view. But if I want to see for example ‘waiting for’ and ‘name of person’ and ‘location’, I don’t seem to be able to do that without having to to create another custom perspective ?


As it stands, you need a custom perspective to view multiple tags. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to email the Omni Group with this request by tapping on settings (gear icon) in OmniFocus then tapping Contact Omni.


Thanks for confirming this. Yes I already emailed them. 👍


I just emailed them. This would be an amazingly helpful feature.

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I think so too. If you are at a meeting and need to speak to Fred you would simply go into your tags page and press the meeting tag followed by the Fred tag, and you have everything you need to tal to him about. As it stands you have to create a custom perspective just for that one time. And then probably delete it afterwards to not clutter up your home page with so many perspectives. It seems like a no brainier and something I thought would have been brought up during beta testing. I really wish I had been on that as there are a whole list of tiny tweaks like this one, but that would boost workflow.

Tags are useless if you can not quickly select “Tag 1” + “Tag 2” tag and see only tasks with “Tag 1” and “Tag 2”. Everytime create / delete a perspective is illogically, uncomfortable and long.


This seems to be supported now - just hold shift or cmd and click multiple tags in the sidebar.

If you hold cmd and click multiple tags, than you will see tasks group width “tag 1” and group width “tag 2” but not only tasks that have “tag 1” and “tag 2”

Great tip. Too bad this isn’t an option on iOS.

This would give OF the quick filtering that you can do in Things


It appears this is still not a thing? It seems “broken” in the way I expect tags to work. In fact am I missing something? It would be great if CMD would “AND” tags whilst some other key would “OR” them for example. This may be subjective but I really would expect default behaviour to AND tags. This seems like a recipe for “perspective sprawl” and as others have said it feels silly to have to create a perspective for some one-off search you need to do.

I just tweeted at them here about this. They have been good about getting back to me on this - so we’ll see.

I agree this would be super helpful, as I used it a lot with my previous Things 3 workflows.