Cannot bypass welcome screen [sync]

Yes, new to OmniFocus for iPhone.

I cannot get past the “Welcome to OmniFocus” screen if I select anything other than “Don’t Sync”

When connecting to cloud, All services fail and for “Omni Sync Server”, I show my account and can view account info and attempt sync. Any time I attempt the later, I receive:

Unable to synchronize database with server.

Unable to read document.

No document exists at “

There are actions, etc. in there and I have tested access through Mail Drop to Inbox, etc.

Do you have an omnisync account set up? If not, you will need to set one up.

Set up and accessible from my Mac version of OmniFocus 2.

If your error literally contains “” and that’s not just you anonymizing it for privacy, then it sounds like OmniFocus is failing to figure out what account name to use.

If the error contains your actual email address, then please double-check that the email address exactly matches what you’re using on your mac (capitalization, etc.)

I’m not sure what else to suggest without knowing what your login name is, which you really shouldn’t post here. So it may be most effective to contact our Support Humans, who are happy to help you out by phone or email. or +1 206-523-4152

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