Cannot find tasks: deleted? folders and projects visible

I used to have a lot of tasks in a structure of folders and projects.

I used to continually override a lock that was announced upon starting Omnifocus.

I can no longer find any of the tasks, even though the folders and projects are visible.

Do I need to revert to a backup? What happened? Are my data lost?

I’m sorry for the trouble here! Often, tasks seem like they “go missing” because of OmniFocus’s View settings. If you’re looking at a project with only deferred tasks, for example, and you switch the View setting to Available, nothing will show up. You can check your View settings by clicking the View icon (which looks like an eyeball) in the OmniFocus toolbar.

If that doesn’t help, or you keep getting the error about a lock file, please get in touch with our Support team! They can help you make sure your data is safe, and figure out how to clean up that pesky lock error.


Gee whiz, you are right. Thanks.