Cannot quickly add a task in Context View

Perhaps someone could help me understand this:

I’ve created custom perspectives for each active customer I use for customer-centric workdays. This perspective is not using the project hierarchy. After selecting a task or project in the main pane I however cannot quickly add a new task, and no change in this context view makes things work for me. I use context view as I use this view on the iPhone as well.

Switching the perspective to ‘use project hierarchy’ instantly lets me add a task where I want it. Why? Could someone explain this behaviour to me?

My custom perspective settings:

Hi Nick,

We’ve an open entry in our development database on this issue. I’ve added you to it so the rest of the OmniFocus team will know you’d like to see this behavior improved in the future. Sorry for the frustrations in the meantime!

In case it helps, what I personally do as a workaround is use the Quick Entry Shortcut, which by default is ⌃⌥Space (unless you’ve customized it in OmniFocus ▸ Preferences). Granted, doing so does not auto-populate any fields for you, but it at least removes the need to change perspectives to add a task.

If anyone else would like to get added to this development database entry please email and reference this forum post URL and we’d be happy to cast your vote!

Thanks for the update. That means I am not mad and doing something wrong :-)