Can't complete tasks

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but every so often I can’t check off a task (“complete an action”) on the Mac. The circle turns yellow momentarily when I click on it, but then it goes back to normal, with no checkmark. I’ve tried syncing, quitting and relaunching, and just clicking over and over. Nothing seems to work, except for switching over to the iOS app, checking it off there, and syncing.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just a really obnoxious bug (one that requires you own a separate version of the software just to complete a task!)?

Is it possible this is a task set to repeat? When you complete a repeating action, OmniFocus automatically creates the next copy of the action. So when I complete ‘Weekly Review’ with a due date of Oct 1, I get another one with a due date of Oct 8. (Depending on repeat settings, the new date might be based on today’s date instead of the date assigned to the action.) Anyhow, if you’ve filtered your view to hide completed actions, then the new one could get created and the old one get hidden at the same moment. This could look like the behavior you describe.

To see if this is going on, click the eyeball in the toolbar, and then choose ‘All’ from the popover. You might see an awful lot of completed actions with the same name as the one you’ve been trying to complete. And if you complete the one that is still available, you’d see it gray out and a new one added to the list.

Unfortunately this is not the case. There is no “…” in the circle, and I just double checked to see if there were multiple completed actions. No dice. I have other repeating actions in OmniFocus, so I have some idea how they behave.

Like I said, no checkmark appears at all, even for an instant. The circle turns fully yellow, then back to white/yellow. I tried multiple ways to get it to complete, including the right click menu, the space bar, and the ‘completed’ date field in the action’s settings. Nothing worked except opening the iPhone app and tapping the checkbox to complete it.

This has happened to me 3 times this week. Seems like a bug.

I agree that it seems like a bug, but not one I’m familiar with. The most efficient way to sort out what’s going on will be to contact our support humans (

Sorry about this frustrating behavior. You are correct that this is not expected behavior.

Please try Rebuild Database under the file menu on your Mac and let us know if that fixes the issue. We are looking in to this problem and have had a few reports of behavior like this when marking an action group containing children complete, for some users syncing across multiple devices.

Please let us know if Rebuild Database allows you to complete the item. If so, it may be related to an issue that we are trying to track down so that it can be fixed.


I just had this problem too and can confirm that rebuilding the database fixed it. Only figured to try that after googling the problem and seeing this thread.