Can't create new action when in Flagged view

When in flagged view I can’t create a new action. In Omnifocus 1 I was able to do so. Is this a feature, a bug or am I doing something wrong? I did try responding another post where it says use appcleaner to completely delete Omnifocus and then reinstall. Did that but it didn’t work.

I’m sorry for the trouble! It should be possible to create new actions in the Flagged perspective in OmniFocus 2. Can I ask what steps you’re taking to try to create a new action? For example:

  • Are you pressing the Return key or using the “New Action” toolbar item (or another method)?
  • What do you have selected in the main outline when you try to make a new action? A context? Another action?
  • Do you have anything selected in the sidebar?

The more detail (and screenshots!) you can provide, the better we can help.



Same problem here.
Seems to have been a problem since June.

Hitting “Command + N” or clicking [+] NEW ACTION button while in Flagged pane with nothing selected.
Omni Focus 2.0.3 (v87.15 r219260) on a Mac Pro tower 2010.

Not sure if it matters, but I’m drinking a double espresso and eating a bowl of Meuslix :D

Any Ideas??

Thanks, Rick

Hmm, this is certainly an interesting topic! I get the same behavior you’re seeing – with nothing selected, pressing Return or clicking the New Action button just beeps. However, I’m curious about what you think OmniFocus should do in this situation.

If you have a context or another task selected in the content area, OmniFocus is able to figure out where you want your new action to be: it’ll put the action generally after the thing you selected. Likewise, if you have a selection in the sidebar, OmniFocus can add a new context there on pressing Return. However, with nothing selected, OmniFocus has a hard time figuring out where you want your newly added thing to go.

What would you expect to happen when you hit New Action with nothing selected?

I would expect it to create a new item with no context, project or due date…BUT be “Flagged”.
It does this in the iOS! So why not here?
Mind you, even if I have SOMETHING selected in the Flagged view as you say above, nothing STILL happens.

Seems like a reasonable approach. I’ve filed your comments in our development database – thanks for the feedback!