Can't Display Note Field Without First Creating a Note

Greetings, All,

Apologies, but search isn’t finding what I need.

Is there a bug in 5.2 (v184.4 r300005)? I created a new outline. I’m trying to memorize and use the keyboard shortcuts because I find that faster. However, it appears the only way to create a note is to click on the note icon in the left margin. Only then does Option-Command-’ work, and only for that row. The command is also unavailable on the menu (greyed out).

It seems odd that I would first have to create a note with the mouse before I can display and hide it with the keyboard shortcut.

I suspect I’m making a really basic and careless error, but…?

Much thanks for any help!


Oops. I just upgraded to the most recent version [5.3 (v189.4 r306047], but that still didn’t fix this problem.

Option-Command-’ is the shortcut for Show/Hide Note. This does require an existing note to function. What you want is the Edit > Edit Note command which is just Command-’. That will add a note to the row if one doesn’t yet exist. It will also toggle between editing the row or the note.

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I knew it would be something obvious. Thank you, Derek!