Can't download OF3

I pre-ordered OF3 a few days ago, and first thing this morning I got a message saying that it is available. Normally a pre-ordered app downloads to my phone automatically, but this didn’t. And when I go to the app store, it still just shows as pre-ordered, with no way to download/install it. It did get released in the US today, didn’t it? Is anyone else having this issue?

It’s one of those weird App Store bugs.

I’ve heard some having success downloading by cancelling the preorder and downloading directly. If that doesn’t work, you might try signing out and back in to the App Store.

Using another device, if you have one, and restarting liberally may also be required.

Fingers crossed!

I was pre-ordered, too, and it downloaded automatically to one iOS device, but not the other. I only knew to look because I received and email saying the pre-ordered app was ready. That email had a link that said “Click here to download your pre-order now”, so I clicked that on the iOS device where it hadn’t loaded, and that worked to get it installed on that one, too. Not sure it’ll be that easy for everyone, but it’s something to try if you haven’t already.

Thanks, nostodnayr. Here’s what finally worked for me…

Besides the notification, I had received an email informing me that the pre-ordered app was available. In that email was a “Click here to download you pre-order now” link. Selecting that opened the App Store, but instead of taking me to the OF3 page, it just showed a pop-up saying “You have one or more pre-orders available … to begin downloading, click OK.” Clicking on OK did the trick and installed the app!

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TFM, just saw your post, thanks … that worked for me as well!

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I pre-ordered the app, cancelled the preorder and then tried to download the app upon release but was unable to do so as it was stuck in a weird ‘preordered’ state. For anybody else that has the issue, I had to sign out of iCloud and sign back in, in order to download the app.