Can't "focus" on a project in perspective - not sure why :(

Hi guys,

I want to create a perspective for my recurring weekly review project, but can’t seem to add it and I’m not sure why. In the perspective view when I try to add it, the “Add to Focus” button doesn’t light up and isn’t clickable.

I’ve tried adding this particular project to other perspectives and it doesn’t add. Here are the project details, is it because it’s recurring or?

Thanks for you help!

Argh. Can’t seem to delete my topic, but I’ve found a solution digging a bit more in the forums. Just go to File - Rebuild Database

Thanks for getting in touch about this behavior in OmniFocus! We are aware of a few bugs surrounding the Add to Focus feature for custom perspectives; one of the ways we’ve found to fix the particular issue you seem to be encountering is to rebuild your database in OmniFocus for Mac. To do this, open OmniFocus and select File > Rebuild Database from the menu bar.