Can't get "send to Omnifocus2 Inbox" to work [A: log out/in, then try again.]

within mail, I do see “Omnifocus2 : Send to Inbox” in the Services list (I also disabled the OF1 one), but it doesn’t do anything, no popup, nothing.
Am I missing something?



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We’ve heard from a few folks that they need to log out of their Mac and then log back in again in order for the relevant bits of OS X to notice the new version of the app and start working. If that doesn’t work, searching through the other existing topics on Clipping may also yield helpful information. Hope that helps!


Is OF2 open before you try this? If not, try with OF2 open first.

logging out / in / reboot did the trick
Thanks a lot!


I’m trying to make this work as well and having no luck. When I select a message in my Apple Mail Inbox, then right click to reach the Services: Omnifocus Send to Inbox, I get no Services menu item. I can confirm that the System Preferences has the right Text keyboard short cut option turned on and I have chosen a keyboard shortcut. But my preferred method is to right click for Services.

How do I enable this feature for Apple Mail. I REALLY need the ability to create a Task from an email with a link back to the email.


Have you reinstalled the Clip-o-Tron from OF1?

No, I did not install the Clip-o-Tron. I thought the Services option with OF2 was a replacement for that as the Clip-o is not included in OF2. Perhaps I misunderstand, is the OG saying that there is no way to capture an email into your OF2 Inbox with a link back to the original email WITHOUT installed the Clip-o from OF1? Or are they planning to add this before the general release of OF2?



At the moment, you need to reinstall the Clip-o-Tron from OF1 to get this to work. Just start OF1, install the Clip-o-Tron and then quit.

Omni have a cunning plan to avoid that step in the future. Below is a clip @kcase responding to a previous exchange on the subject:

"New sandboxing rules prevent OmniFocus 2 from installing the Clip-O-Tron, but if you use OmniFocus 1 to install the Clip-O-Tron it should work perfectly with OmniFocus 2.

(We don’t intend to make you keep OmniFocus 1 around forever to do this, so we’re contemplating putting together a separate installer package for it which customers will be able to download from our website.)"

You don’t need the Clip-O-Tron to enable linking to email messages; the job of the Clip-O-Tron is to patch Mail to enable the Services menu when you have a message selected (rather than text within a message).

But if you don’t mind selecting text within a message first, you don’t need to patch Mail at all. Just select the text and activate the service (as you can do in any app). You’ll get a new inbox item which links back to that message.

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