Can't save it at all

I am getting repeated error messages saying that the OmniFocus document couldn’t be saved; multiple validation errors occurred (see screenshot). But the program is telling me that it was just successfully synced. I closed it and opened it again, and it didn’t save any of my recent work (happily very little) but everything else seems to be okay (I also downloaded a copy from the Omnisync server just in case.

But this is scary: any ideas??? I had just imported an Omni Outliner document, successfully, I thought–could that be the problem?

Hey there, @GustavoWoltmann! I’m really sorry for the trouble. It doesn’t look like your screenshot came through, so I’m not really sure what could be going on here.

Often, validation errors can imply some kind of bug in OmniFocus – would you mind emailing our support team these details and your screenshot? They can help gather more information about what might have gone wrong, and hopefully translate that info into a fix for you!

In the meantime, if you need to get that content from OmniOutliner into OmniFocus again, you should also be able to simply copy & paste the rows from your outline into your database. Hopefully that gets you going again!