Can't see overdue actions from top level of OmniFocus 2 Pro


I recently upgraded from OmniFocus 1 to OmniFocus 2 Pro. I’m pretty happy so far, but… should I be able to see overdue / due soon actions that live inside of projects? For overdue or due soon actions assigned to projects that live in a folder, there’s a number in a colored circle to let me know that I’ve got overdue / due soon items in folder. This is great. This is what I want. But for overdue or due soon actions assigned to projects that live in the top level of omnifocus I don’t get the number/colored circle. There’s no way to tell that a project has overdue or due soon actions without clicking on it. If I click on the project, I see it’s actions and any overdue and due soon items are identified with a colored completion circle, but, short of clicking on each project or using the Forecast perspective, there’s no way to tell what projects have overdue or due soon actions. Help?



Hummm, create a perspective where you filter for due and flagged actions- then sort the list by project, and you have your overview.

To include "deferred "and “due at a specific date” actions I would recommend to toggle calendar display in forecast view (click on the eye and remove the checkmark at the respective position)

Sadly, these are rather rough workarounds, I hope that my answer does not at all sound like this would be the ideal solution to this problem- you can tell by the fact that I am not able to fully adress your problem in one solution.

Hope that helps!