Can't "Show project paths" on Mac?

This is easy to do on OF3 iOS (“Edit Perspective > Show project paths”)… but I can’t find any such setting on OF3 Mac. Without this feature, I find it very difficult to quickly make the mental connection between nested Projects and Items in list views.

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@tommyoddo I had the same problem as you, went digging, and within the Perspectives config panel found “Show folders in the outline.”

@rriehle Hi there, thanks for taking the time to post. I see that this option is available in the Review Perspective, but can’t find it anywhere else, or more specifically, I can’t find it in the “Forecast” perspective (as it appears on iOS). It sounds like this option doesn’t exist on Mac… I finally received a reply to my support request: “I’ve added your feature request to our development database…”.

So for now, I’ve gotten in the habit of prefixing my Tasks with the project name, and I avoid the use of nesting Tasks.

I’m glad they’ve accepted it as a feature request. It seems to me that some number of versions ago, and before the Forecast Perspective, the folder/project hierarchy was better presented in the doing perspectives (as opposed to the planning perspectives). I have the sense that I’m now applying more mental effort to establishing task context than was necessary before. I’m looking forward to that feature. Cheers and thanks, @tommyoddo

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