Can't Upload Folder to Dropbox

I’m trying to save a file created on the iPad to Dropbox so I can continue editing it on the Mac. When I select Export To, OmniOutliner 3 (or just omnioutliner) document, then Locations->Dropbox, I get the error “Can’t Upload Folder: Sorry, you can’t upload folders to Dropbox from this app.”

I’m running OmniOutliner 2.10.2 on iPad, and 5.0.4 on Mac.

Tangentially, can anyone tell me what features are NOT available on the Mac v5 when opening this file? What am I giving up for the convenience of sharing the file between two platforms?

My understanding is that to sync OO between iOS and MacOS you need OmniPresence or OmniSync.

You can find a comparison chart of OO for iOS and OO for MacOS here.


Thanks for the link to the comparison.
I knew about the omnipresence connection. Dropbox and iCloud support has been added in recent versions. The biggest challenge is that now with the Dropbox and iCloud support, the Documents folder or a Dropbox sub folder is considered an invalid location for the omnipresence sync folder, and was forced to be moved to user home folder (or elsewhere). Now, my files aren’t stored where all the rest of my business files are, and I’m not sure they are indexed by Spotlight (haven’t yet confirmed).

Not sure as I haven’t used it myself, but this may help (“Using Cloud Storage Providers” section near the bottom).