Catalina - Mail - Send to Omnifocus Service (no email body included in notes field)

This works fine except it only embeds a link to the email without the body of the email in the Notes field of the task.

Is this a bug or a feature? 8-)

I can bcc or forward the mail to my OF email id and it looks perfect but that is more work as I still have to process it in my OF inbox.

Thanks for any tips,


If you select some text in the email you’re capturing, it will be added to the note field of the new action when you invoke the “OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox” service. I find this very helpful as it allows me to capture key text from a potentially long email, keeping the note field clean and relevant.

On a side note, this same behaviour applies to most other apps. For example, if you select some text in Safari and invoke “OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox” the selected text will be added to the note field along with the link.

Bonus Tip: In the Quick Entry window you can select some/all of the text in the note field, right or control-click, and select Simplify Style of Clear Style to make the text more readable.


Thank you sir - this works!


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You’re very welcome, @msburdick. Good to that did the trick!

any idea how to get a link back to the original outlook email in the omnifocus notes field?

Last I checked, the “OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox” service didn’t work with Outlook. There was a script floating around a while back that made it possible to link OmniFocus to Outlook, but I believe it broke along the way…and may have since been fixed.

This thread may be helpful:

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