Change app language

How can i change the language (localization) of the OmnuFoucs iOS app? The current translation of the app into Russian is just horrible. It is partial (some words are left in english), inconsistent (same words translated differently), and some words are translated incorrectly.
Another thing is that the manual is in English so i can’t really use it because i can’t match the manual and the app.
So i’m really looking forward to being able to use the app in English language.

Guys, you’re amazing!
After posting here, i sent an email to Omni Support and after 1 hour I received a response on how to accomplish the task. Now i’m using Omni Focus on my iPhone in English. Problem solved!

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So what was the solution? I am having similar issue.

You need to contact support, they will assist you.
AFAIR they sent me a special link following which will let you change the default language.

Open the language link in this page using your iOS device, then iOS will ask you whether to open the link in the “OmniFocus” app, choose yes.