Change 'copy as png' to default

Change default copy ⌘c type to PNG.

Hi @younglucas! Just to let you know, these forums are not a support channel—they exist primarily so users of our software can help each other out. Some of us Omni folk participate on the forums from time to time, but if you are having problems with your software or would like to suggest a feature, please contact so one of our Support Humans can assist you.

That said: making ⌘C copy as PNG by default would not be good for people who want to copy and paste objects within their documents. If you would like to give Copy as PNG a shortcut on your own computer, you can do that in System Preferences.

Open System Preferences and choose the Keyboard Shortcuts pane. Select “App Shortcuts” in the sidebar, then click the plus button on the right. Choose OmniGraffle from the list of apps, enter “PNG” as the menu title, and choose your preferred keyboard shortcut. It can even be ⌘C if you so desire:

Hope that helps!

That helped immensely! Thanks Kyle. The reason I was asking is to make my workflow between Tumult Hype and on the graph or more seamless. Thanks very much!