Change missed repeating task due dates, keep original time?

I have weekly repeating tasks (Mon - Fri) and would like to change the due date to today but keep the original times. I was on vacation for a week and now back logged on my repeating tasks. The only way I know how to catch up is to either (1) check off each tasks multiple times until it catches up to today’s date or (2) go in each task and manually change the date to today, one-by-one.

Is there an easier way to just change the date on all my repeating tasks? They’re all in the same project so I can just highlight all of them, but don’t know what to do after that to just change the due date while keeping the original times. If I highlight all, adjust the date to today, all the times will be the same.

I recommend changing the Defer Until date to first date that you want these actions to start appearing again (likely the day you’re back at work)… You can change the defer date for multiple actions by selecting them then specifying a Defer Until date in the inspector.

I changed the defer until to today’s date, checked it off, then it appeared again with the next day’s due date instead of tomorrow.

Try setting both the defer date and the due date to the date that you’re back at work after your vacation.

That takes me back to the original question of how to mass update my due dates without affecting the due times.

If I understand correctly, you want to select multiple items and to assign a different date using the inspector without changing their individual due times. Is this correct? You could likely accomplish this using an AppleScript, but I don’t see anyway to accomplish this without scripting.