Change names of standard perspectives?


Is there a way to change the name of standard perspectives? E.g. Instead of “Flagged” I’d like to use “Today”.

I don’t think there’s any way to change the name of the standard perspectives, but if you’re using the Pro edition, you could remove “Flagged” from the sidebar by unselected its star in the Perspectives Window…and then create a custom perspective called “Today” that’s added in its place.

Thanks, I have the Pro version and use custom perspectives. The only reason I like the “Flagged” perspective is because of the indicator in the icon that shows if there is any flagged item available.

I see your point, Steve. It would be cool if there were some way to apply an indicator to custom perspectives.

In its current form, I don’t find the indicator for the Flagged perspective that useful as it shows even if the flagged tasks are unavailable. This is a known issue.

You’re right with the Flagged indicator currently being useless due to a bug, but I hope they will fix it with the next update.

Having indicators for custom perspectives would be great. Would love to have a number counter like in the iOS version.

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Send them a feature request to enable highlighted custom perspectives in the sidebar - I have, and every vote counts!