Change print from line block calendar to graphic in forecast perspective

Following on the post in support ( about using CSS to change print style characteristics, I have taken a crash course in CSS and have made changes that allows a better rendering when using PagePacker. However, I would prefer to use the default graphic that appears in the “forecast perspective”: the gantt-inspired chart that appears under the heading “calendar events”. The relevant line of code appears to be:

.calendar span.time {
width: 22ex;
display: inline-block;


I assume the property “display” would have a value that would show the gantt-like chart, but I am not finding what that value is called. Help, please?

I’m afraid that the display property only changes the type of box used for that element (ie whether it starts on a new line, and how other elements flow around it). There’s no way to print the gantt-like calendar display.

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Oh well; never hurts to ask?! I do like the ability to influence the way it prints. Thanks for your answer!