Change project review period based on folder

I organise my projects in folders. I want the review period to be based on the folder.

  • Projects in “Current” folder → 1 week
  • Projects in “Active” folder → 2 weeks
  • Projects in “Inactive” folder → 4 weeks

Can someone point me in the right direction with writing an AppleScript to do this? I can generally cobble something together with a few pointers, but I’m new to AppleScript & OF.

I got awesome help here in the past, so I thought I’d ask before digging in too deep.

I haven’t thought of using AppleScript for this. As part of my weekly review I will select all the projects in the folder and mass-edit the Inspector to change the review period once.

I review projects on a rolling basis. If not every day, then every other day or so. I prefer this to leaving them to pile up. So it’s tricky to mass-edit them. Also, I have two top level folders, each of which has Current/Active/Inactive subfolder. All in all, this is the kind of thing that screams out for automation :)

Maybe you can find some inspiration looking at this AppleScript from @joebuhlig?

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If you’re just setting the Review Period, I would likely do the mass select and edit once. But if you miss a day, it’ll throw your schedule off. You could modify the script @ediventurin shared to keep it accurate.

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@joebuhlig’s script seems promising for wrangling to my purposes. Thanks! I’ll let you know how I fared once I get a chance to dig in.

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