Change view of window

It seems like this should be so easy, but it can’t figure it out.

I have a folder structure for all of my Sales Opportunities “Opportunities”
within this folder, I have a folder for each Account Executive i.e.:
“Steve Allen”
“Bob Jordan”

Within each Account Executive folder, I have a number of parallel Projects:

(the dash characters represent spaces)

“Opportunities” (Folder)
------“Steve Allen” (Folder)
------------“Sony Music - DR12345” (Project)
------------“Nascar - DR235456” (Project)
------“Bob Jordan” (Folder)
------------“Jonson Brothers - DR235466” (Project)
------------“Mikes Meats - 123568” (Project)

I have a number of methods within AppleScript utilities I have built which can go and find a Project I am interested in updating or modifying in a meaningful way.

However, I have not yet determined a method of going from a known Project, by name, id, leaf name, etc… and getting it to be the one and only project displayed in the main window.

It has to be something like:

tell application “OmniFocus”
tell sidebar of front document window of default document
select {“name of project”}
end tell
end tell

But it HAS to be those darn folders messing up my syntax.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

James Haney

I think you want to set the FOCUS to a project. Sorry I don’t have the exact syntax. It should be in the Dictionary.



That does work. However, I don’t really want to change to focus. I still want all of the other projects listed in the sidebar, i just want a specific project to be selected, and thus displayed.

Thanks for the workaround though. It’s far better that what I was getting.