Changing due date settings

I want to move away from using due dates on my tasks, but I only have Omnifocus for the iphone. I saw I can change the default due time by going to this URL in safari on my phone (omnifocus:///change-setting?DefaultDueTime=22:00), but I want to stop omnifocus from assigning default due times altogether. Is there a way for me to do that? Thanks!

OmniFocus 2 for iPhone shouldn’t assign a default due date at all for new tasks – when you create an action, it should have no due date unless you explicitly add one (or if the new action inherits a due date from its container). The DefaultDueTime preference you reference only applies to the default time for newly set due dates.

If you’re seeing new actions get due dates assigned automatically, that’s definitely an issue. Can you describe how you’re creating new actions?

I’m still on omnifocus 1.16 for iphone. I just hit the plus button on the bottom right and I get a menu for ‘new inbox item’ and the due field already says "today 5 pm’.

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I’m now seeing this issue on the iPad. I set a default due time on the iPhone using the change setting URS and now on my iPad all new actions automatically have today and the default time set. It’s fne on the iPhone where I made the change.

So, the solution I just tried is that I need to apply the same change setting url on the iPad as well. If I just do it one the iPhone then when it syncs to the iPad it seems to apply it to all new actions not just when they’re is a due date.