Changing link from message:/// to message:

I just noted that changing the hyperlink in from message:/// to message: (removing the ///) allows me to open my email links on all of my Apple devices.

Currently using iOS 11.0.1 on iPhone and iPad and High Sierra on my iMac.

Can this be the default?

Hi @jdetrolio! Have you updated to version 2.11 on your Mac yet? We updated the link format in that release, so any newly-clipped messages should open on Mac and iOS. If you’re still not seeing the right behavior, please drop a note to our Support Humans and we’ll investigate. Hope that helps!

Recently updated and working great with all newly-clipped messages.


Any suggestions to quickly convert all of my older email links from message:/// to message: in the hyperlinks labeled Original Message?

Glad that it’s working with the update! I’m afraid I have no straightforward and safe way of converting the old URLs (the search field doesn’t search inside encoded URLs, otherwise a Find & Replace would be in order). Sorry!