Changing sort order inside a project

I cannot find a way to change the order of the Action items inside a project. OF let’s me order by name but it orders from A to Z and I’d like to order it from Z to A.

Am I missing something because I just can’t find a way of doing this. I’m using the Pro Upgrade, any help on this will be much appreciated.

I use OF 1, but in a project, if you click the Edit button, you should be able to drag the items into whatever order you want.

Thanks for the suggestion but I want to do it automatically because some projects have a lot of actions and it would take to long to change the order manually.

I’m afraid there isn’t currently a way to do a reverse alphabetical sort, sorry!

We are tracking interest in the feature, though, and I’ve added this thread to our development database.

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Add me too please! I can believe it’s not a feature!

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Please implement an “Order by” feature in inside Projects! I sometimes need to “Order by Due Date”, “Order by Creation Date” or “Order by Name” as the Op has mentioned.

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