Changing the text style of completed items


I just upgrade to OF 2 Pro and I wonder if it possible to change the text style of Completed items title to have them not crossed.

I remember this feature in OF1 but don’t find it in this new version.

Thanks for your help

You can use the URL omnifocus:///change-preference?StrikeCompletedActions=False to toggle the Strike portion off in OmniFocus 2. If you want to change it back, use omnifocus:///change-preference?StrikeCompletedActions=True. This is a per device setting, so you’ll need to click the URL each place you are using OmniFocus.

I hope this helps! Thanks for using OmniFocus.


Is there a comprehensive listing of /changepreference URLs? Thanks.

An OmniFocus user put together a great list at which focuses on the layout related preferences.

There is not currently official comprehensive list that I am aware of. We have been adding some options to our Preferences panel if they impact functionality, for example, adding the Styles panel with new fonts and OmniFocus Dark color palette in OmniFocus 2.5 and newer to give you more choices for the visual look and feel.

Many Omni Staff help answer questions on the forums if we have a useful tip, but email is the best way we can ensure requests are properly recorded and tracked. Please email Support Humans at to request a complete list.