Cheaper OO upgrades in MAS?

I bought OO Essentials direct from Omnigroup. This morning I was investigating the cost of upgrading to the full version of OO, and in the Omnigroup Store I entered my name and license key and was quoted $40 upgrade price. But I just looked in the Mac App Store and it appears the upgrade price from essentials is $15 cheaper. Is that right?

Omni folks will have the facts but it looks to me as if the pricing from 6 to 8 is for people coming from an earlier version of OO. whereas 3 to 5 are for new purchasers.

In that case what’s odd is that there is no comparable $39.99 upgrade price listed there for Essentials-to-Pro upgrades as charged by the Omnigroup Store. Hopefully the Omni folks can explain.

@sgian The $24.99 upgrade from Essentials to Pro in the MAS is offered to customers that bought Essentials for $4.99, a 50% discount due to owning OmniOutliner 4. They are eligible to upgrade to Pro at a 50% discount as well so that the total price is the same as if they upgraded straight to v5 Pro. The full upgrade price is number 5 in that list.

I’m not sure offhand how a $40 upgrade through our store would be achieved. That’s neither full upgrade price nor a normal discount. I would need to know more about your Essentials license purchase. But our sales team would be happy to answer any of your questions. 1 206-523-4152 or