Checkboxes disappeared when I updated OmniOutliner

I just updated OmniOutliner to 5.4. I have my Mac set to dark mode.

As soon as the updated OmniOutliner loaded, I could no longer see the checkboxes in my documents. Highlighting rows revealed that the checkboxes were white on a white background.

I’ve since discovered that if I change my Mac to light mode, the checkboxes remain white. However, toggling each checkbox in light mode makes the checkboxes appear normally. Of course, I don’t want to spend the next few hours going through my files and toggling individual checkboxes. And even if I did, I’d like to use dark mode on my Mac. Turning dark mode back on transforms the checkboxes once again to white on white.

Is there a quick solution to this? Is there a way to downgrade OmniOutliner to the pre-dark mode version?

I downloaded and installed the previous version, 5.3.4. Checkboxes are back.

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