Circles under project names? ipad

(OmniFocus for iPad)
I have projects with no circles under the project name but do have actionable items listed. And, I have projects with empty circles with no actions in the project. I’m very confused what these small grey circles under the project names mean. Can someone help me out? I filed this originally incorrectly. It should be under iPad, not Mac, sorry.

Hmm… gray dots under a project name should correspond to the actions in that project. Perhaps you could share a screenshot, either here or in an email to

There was a review somewhere that discussed this. Empty circles (actually dotted if you look close) conveniently look like zeroes, which is the number of actions in that project. :)

Projects accumulate a grey dot for each action that is added. Dots change color based on status, i.e. flagged, due soon, and due now/overdue.

As for projects that have action items but no circles, I’m stumped.