Clean up doesn't work on group task with subtasks but no tag

This has always bothered me about group tasks created from within the inbox:

I have inbox clean up set to “project and tag”. Let’s say I have an item in my inbox called “Do I want a new Mac?”

I decide that this actually has a couple of steps, but not worthy of a project. So I create a group task with subtasks that are tagged, and i place in a project, with complete on last action:

“Analyze need for new mac” (#pr:things to buy)
– Discuss new mac with wife (@wife)
– Run speed test on old mac (@computer)

The problem is that when I press clean up, this will not clean out of the inbox until I tag the group task.

But the group is no longer a “task” - it is a container - and there is no reason to tag it. Either I have to turn off the requirement for a tag to clear from inbox (which I don’t want to do) or I have to make a fake tag if group tasks are created from within the inbox.

Does this bother anybody else. Or am I missing an easy fix…

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