Cleaning up leaves no items highlighted [Fixed!]

I prefer the setting “Clean up changed items immediately". But the problem is that, with that setting on, when I mark something as completed (by hitting the space bar), the item disappears and then nothing is focal anymore. So I have to take my hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to highlight the next item. The same is true for using cmd-K to “clean up now” when the clean-up affects the highlighted items: suddenly nothing is highlighted/focal anymore. It would be much better if the item below the last highlighted item. When I have a bunch of items finished, I just want to fly through them on, marking them completed, without having to take my hands off the keyboard.
Is anyone else having this problem, or am I just missing something here?

Edit: as of now build 2.0 test (v87 r209326) the next item in the list does assume the focus. Yay!

Excellent! I’m so glad to see this now in place. OmniGroup is hitting it out of the part with this update. I discovered it accidentally, while trying out the hidden (and wonderful) “Compact mode” [][1].
Thank you, OmniGroup!