Cleaning Up – Where Does It Go?

In OmniFocus 1, you could set where your tasks in the Inbox go when you complete them (with auto clean-up happening). I set that as a project named ‘Archive’.

Out of curiosity, what happens for OmniFocus 2? Where do the tasks go?

They go to whatever project you have assigned to the task.

If the action is in the inbox, it doesn’t have a project yet. So, would it just stay in Inbox?

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Yep, that’s my question.

If you defined a target project for cleaned up items in OmniFocus 1, then OmniFocus 2 will continue to use that target. Otherwise, it will create one called “Miscellaneous” and use that. (You can rename Miscellaneous to something else and move it wherever you want, so it was unnecessary to have a preference for this.)

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Ah ok. Hm. I personally don’t change the location (Just Inbox → Archive) so that’s fine with me, but it sounds like an inelegant hack.

I suppose some people (not sure why) would like to have the ability to change the location at will, but this is just a minor issue (as opposed to some more pressing issues).

I currently have a ton of active/completed actions in my default Misc. It was carried over from OF1 to OF2 as you said. My default Misc was accidentally deleted, then an Inbox action was cleaned up to a newly created Miscellaneous folder before I was able to undo my accidental deletion of Misc.

If I wanted the contents merged, would I have to show all in Misc, highlight them all, and move them to the new Miscellaneous created from OF2?

Currently, I can’t get OF2 to direct back to my default Misc folder.

The easiest way is probably to drag the items from the old one to the one OmniFocus is now using.

If you really really really didn’t want to do that for some reason, I can imagine a solution involving moving your database back to your OmniFocus 1 folder, tweaking the preference there and then copying it back, but I have not tried this. (aka Proceed at your own risk!)

If it’s really important to you to swap it back to the old folder, I’d be quite curious to understand why.

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Is the feature confirmed to be removed from OmniFocus 2?

Thank you for the tips. In the old Misc folder, I viewed all, highlighted all, dragged them to the new OF2 Misc folder, then I deleted the old folder.