¿Click the perimeter of the checkbox to flag/unflag any task?

I started using Omnifocus 2 a few days ago. Intuitively I have tried to flag my tasks clicking the perimeter of the checkbox that appears to the right of each item. In doing so, the item is marked as completed. In my case it would be a good idea that when I click on the perimeter of the circle I can flag/unflag the item and that when I click the inner part of the circle I can mark it as completed.


Did you know you can right-click anywhere in the action, including the circle, and Set Flag? Is that any use to you?

Currently, the clickable area to check the circle is quite a bit bigger than the circle itself. Omni can provide precision, but my (not terrifically rigorous) testing says the diameter of the clickable area is about 30% greater than the diameter of the circle. That has the big advantage, in the current implementation, that you can mark complete quickly and without worrying too much about mouse or trackpad finger placement.

Changing to accommodate this suggestion would mean having to define the clickable area more narrowly and very precisely, and would mean the user would have to be equally precise about where to click. I’m not sure that’s a better method than right-click/Set Flag.

What do you think?


I don’t like not being able to flag a task with one click, such as clicking the flag icon in OF1. If the ‘done’ circle is going to also be the flag, there should be some way of doing it in one click.

I use flags as ‘to do today’ actions which I choose every morning, I’m always turning them on and off. Having to use a drop down menu is horrible and clunky, when previously I just had to click the flag.

Saying all that, I don’t like having the tick / flag circle on the right hand side either, as I have to follow my eye along the task name to make sure I’m clicking the right one. Much better to have the circles to the left, at the start of the task name, where you can see it immediately.

I used to hate the placement of the old flag icon, and always wanted to move it to the left, but OF1 didn’t let me do that either.

So as far as I’m concerned, the flag situation was a bit horrible in OF1 and now it’s much worse in OF2. Flagging tasks is just not made for being in a drop down menu.

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The right-click is an option. However, I think that it’s faster and more intuitive to flag and unflag the tasks with only one click. The right-click alternative has the additional disadvantage that you have to select between several options, which is less intuitive.

Yup. I would prefer just one click to flag a task. Anything more is actually a bit daft.

I share the desire to have a one-click flagging option and I have also found that I have accidentally marked an action as complete by heading to the circle to flag it. I’d prefer the checkbox on the left and the ability to flag on the right, if possible.

@bevvyb CMD+SHIFT+L is definitely a quicker way to tag.

I agree with the right click and I also use flags to denote what I need to do today, but when I go through my various perspectives to choose what I need to be working on during my daily review, it’s extremely quick to just cmd-shift-l a flag, then arrow down to the next, etc.

Keyboard shortcuts are a productivity expert’s best friend ;)

Sometimes I’m in super productivity mode and I agree. Other times I’m sitting in the morning with a coffee on the go doing things slightly more leisurely and would like to be able to click things. I don’t think it’s too much to ask!

I desperately rely on the quick “flag” feature with my Workflow. +1 to finding an even nicer way (such as clicking the circle rim) to quickly flag tasks.

In the latest build, there are visible flags to the top right of the status circle, and you can always click in that space to flag or unflag.