Client communication solutions?

Morning, I hope someone here can offer advice. I am pretty sure that a lot of Omni users are consultants like me and have solved a problem I have:

I need to find a way to provide my clients with a metaphorical window, so they can check in and see what’s happening with the projects I deliver for them.

To date, the closest solution I have found is Basecamp, but there is only one of me, and $99 per month is expensive, not least because only 10% of my clients use anything other than email to communicate with me and each other.

Using Microsoft 365 might be an option (though boy what an administrative nightmare). What are your solutions?

I play a consulting role, too. I would not want, however, to provide my customers with blow-by-blow progress. It’s not helpful to them.

It seems to me that running a, say, weekly report could be useful.

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Have a look at Notion - for $8/year it can accommodate up to 5 guests (since you presumably want your clients to view and male limited changes, that should be fine).

You get a very nice variety of views and very flexible ways of customising. For your purposes, a KanBan view would probably work well.

Your views are database-driven and their relational database implementation is relatively easy to get your head round and allows for many different ways of presenting data.

The one major caution is that it’s online only, so you want to be careful with anything confidential, and that may be a dealbreaker - but I think for your use case, there are ways round it - especially since you do’t have to explicitly identify your client.

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That’s a good thought, thank you.

Should be $48 a year - sorry

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