Clip-o-tron: is it possible to have only link and no text?

I use the clip-o-tron to turn an email in my inbox into an OF action. However, the default behavior is that the email body becomes a note in the OF action, together with a link to the original email message.

Is there some configuration magic that enables only the latter to become part of the OF action? This allows access to the full information without unnecessarily bloating the action note…

As far as I know there is no action in the options to do that, but you can simply use a Mail Script such as this one below to move the data over. This one archives it, if you want it to not be archived someone can probably modify the script for you.

thanks, but it seems somehow redundant. Clip-o-tron already works great and is integrated/maintained with OF. All I’m asking is to modify its behavior to include only the URL (which is already part of the info included by OF in the action), without the email text…

Yes … but having been a customer of OmniFocus since the early days, good luck in getting that done. We have used scripts to get around all the shortcomings for ever, I even have scripts to create things that are missing from OmniFocus, like tags.

Good luck in waiting for the change, but in the mean time if you are not happy you could use that script.

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understood. thanks for the feedback.

Brilliant. I love it.

gpietro, I’m assuming that you are aware that selecting text in the body of the email, will result in the OF action note body being comprised of the selected text. While it is slower than your suggestion, I currently select a single character, usually a punctuation character, in the email as a means of simulating the functionality you would like.

Just for the sake of awareness for the omnifocus dev people I second this request. The reason is that I use omnifocus in my corporate environment and I like the omnisync feature. However, the default behavior that the entire message body is copied to the OF task by default is a severe security issue. This might send confidential information to a cloud service which my company clearly does not allow.

If I only had the link to the original message this would not be a problem.