Clip-o-tron keyboard shortcut confusion

I’m confused by the clip-o-tron and the keyboard shortcut.

I downloaded the installer and installed it. If I go to System Services and assign a shortcut to “Omnifocus 2: Send To Inbox” … how is that separate from the Quick Entry shortcut? I don’t want to have to remember two different shortcuts depending on whether I have text highlighted or not… or whether I’m in mail or not…

I tried assigning the service the same shortcut as the Quick Entry … but it seems that Quick Entry overrides the service.

Is there a way to just have one shortcut that “does the right thing” ie… no text selected, I get QE, some text selected in some app it fills it in, something in mail, I get clip-o-tron?


The last two should already be the same keyboard shortcut, since they’re activating the same ‘Send to Inbox’ service.
There’s no built-in way to have Quick Entry share the same keyboard shortcut with the service, but maybe an Alfred or AppleScript wizard could craft something?

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I think Keyboard Maestro could do it.