Clip-O-Tron: OF2 broke trusted workflow

In OF 1 things went like this:

  1. Create a task using C-O-T.
  2. Move the original e-mail to an “action support folder” (David Allen).
  3. Look it up from the link in the task note when needed.

After doing (2) in OF 2, (3) isn’t possible any longer.

Why did you change this? GTD is dealing with items as they show up etc. pp., as you know.

Please put this back to function.

TIA and Kind regards,


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Hi Franz-Josef! I’m sorry about the regression here. I certainly understand how important it is that OmniFocus be a trusted system.

Since you mention using the Clip-O-Tron with OmniFocus 1, I have to ask: have you installed the new Clip-O-Tron 3001 for use with OmniFocus 2? We’ve updated it in several important ways – you can read more on our support pages. If you haven’t updated, you might give the new Clip-O-Tron a try and see if it resolves your issue.

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