Clip-O-Tron w/ Yosemite


So, clearly Yosemite is still a beta and I certainly understand that. Wondering if there’s a way to hack in the Clip-O-Tron. for 10.10 thinks it is incompatible.

Is this something I can do by hacking a plist?

I realize this sort of thing is not supported.

Traditionally, is a busy construction site in early OS X Betas. It doesn’t make much sense for 3rd party developers to adjust the code of their apps, extensions or plug-ins before an almost-final OS X build is available.

If you don’t want to render your mailboxes (potentially) unusable, don’t mess with the ingredients ;-)

But you can create a link to the original message when you highlight the mail’s subject line and control-click -> OS X Services -> OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox. That still works in Yosemite.

Yeah, a few of my other plugins do publish betas to co-incide with OS X betas which is why I wondered if Omni was doing something similar. Anyway, yeah, no problem living dangerously… but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to make things better in the meantime!

Anyway, as to your suggestion, I actually don’t have any OF2 services listed at all. Under text in Systems Prefs there’s nothing from Omni. The only thing that responds when I highlight that subject text is to read in iTunes.

Which… is weird.

Anyone know why that might be missing? Is it something I did somehow (i.e. attempting to install the Clip-O-Tron? I feel like that coincided as the service was there earlier)? Any way to get it back?