Clip-O-Tron workaround for Yosemite users

Hey all,

I know I’m not the only one missing the Clip-O-Tron in Yosemite. I’m sure The Omni Group will get to it soonish, but if you absolutely can’t wait, I’ve posted an AppleScript you can configure as a service in Automator on my site. Feel free to check out the gist over on GitHub and provide any pull requests you may have to improve upon it.

Once configured through Automator as a new Service available in Mail, you can assign a hotkey through the Keyboard Preferences in System Preferences.

Here’s a quick video the script in action:

Cheers to fellow early adopters.


Thank you for this. I’ve been dying every time I need to use Clip-O-Tron.
Now, I know how to use Automator, and I know how to create a new service therein and how to change the keyboard shortcut, but how do you make this script into a service via Automator?

It’s a bit weird, but here’s one way:

  1. Create a new automator Service workflow
  2. At the top of the newly created service, make sure the Service receives selected is set to no input and choose the Mail Application
  3. Drag the AppleSript action to the workflow
  4. Erase everything in the default AppleScript window (on input, etc…)
  5. Copy and Paste the contents of my script into the AppleScript Window
  6. Save the workflow.

You then need to create the keyboard mapping in System Preferences.

Screenshot here

Keyboard Shortcut

Sweet Baby Moses, it works. Thank you.