Clipping shortcut and Apple Mail?

Is there a way to get Clipping to work consistently within Apple Mail? I would like to use the clipping keyboard shortcut on the selected mail message, but it is inconsistent at best. My keyboard shortcut is set to ⌘+⌥+⌃+SPACE and it rarely works.

I recommend trying a different keyboard shortcut. I use ^⌥⌘+I (“I” for Inbox).

I hope you automate that with BetterTouchTool or StreamDeck @timstringer.

I hope you automate that with BetterTouchTool or StreamDeck @timstringer.

BTT has never stuck for me. I’m currently experimenting with using a Magic Trackpad to the left of my keyboard and an MX Master 3 on the right, with buttons programmed on a per-app basis for key functions. It’s working surprisingly well.

I’m also a big fan of the Stream Deck…though I probably wouldn’t use it for the Clipping Shortcut as it’s faster to press a keyboard combo on my keyboard than it is to reach for my Stream Deck.

I agree about StreamDeck: I’m tending to use it for “coarse grained” automation - where the task isn’t meant to be nanosecond-fast. And quite a lot of what I’ve deployed is automating fiddly things.

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