Clipping shortcut on apple mail produces broken links and an error message?

Hi all

when i use apple mail and launch the Clipping shortcut it seems to generate a message link in the Omnifocus note field.

problem is it seems like these links are always broken and dosent seem to return back to the original message…

example of the captured link

and the error i get


any clue what im doing wrong?

thanks so much in advance


I cannot reproduce the behaviour you are describing. When I click the link, it correctly opens mail message in Mail app.

Do you have a Mail selected and then invoke the Send to Inbox service ?

hi @unlocked2412 and thx for the answer

no i use the Omnifocus Clipping shortcut:

is that not a valid way to do so?

Also i couldn’t find an Omnifocus to send to inbox, mind sharing that ?



Of course. It is faster that way. You have a shortcut assigned to Send to Inbox service.

It’s in the Services menu item:

ahh i see

thx! will check how this works


I’ve had a similar problem, which I’d assumed was because I’d usually forward the mail to OF, then archived the mail. So the Mail’s location is wrong. That’s just a guess.

But because of this, I usually forward the email to my OF Inbox address. This looses the link to the email but its contents are in the OF notes.

This works well for me because most of these emails include lots of distracting junk that I can delete and because I can add some notes about what I actually need to do with the email when I later pick it up.

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