Clippings shortcut doesn't work most of the time

Is this normal? It worked once but then any subsequent presses of the shortcut do not do anything.

You must have some text selected in order for “Clippings Shortcut” to work.

OK. That’s good to know.

But in this case I wanted to use it to quickly make a task with the browser URL in the notes field. That does not seem to be very easy.

If your web browser is frontmost, you must have some text selected. This could be text on the web page, or you can select the browser URL location as text. Either method will put the current frontmost URL into your notes field.

It would be great if this would work also without any text selected, but I guess the macOS services integration works based on the text selection?

To add to what wrote, you can press ⌘L to select the location (URL) and then press your Clippings Shortcut to capture the web page into OmniFocus. In Safari, the title of the page will become the title of the new OmniFocus action and the link will be added to the note field.

To make this more convenient, you could use something like Keyboard Maestro to combine these two keyboard shortcuts into one.

Yes @timstringer makes a great suggestion. If you want a universal clipper, this is what a Keyboard Maestro macro might look like.

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That’s a workaround that is very helpful. Thanks!

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