Code syntax highlighter plugin or script for OmniGraffle Mac?

I’m creating some wireframes (low-res mockups) that include code snippets. I’d love to be able to flag a text box as code, and have syntax highlighting automatically applied. For example, say I have a text box like this:

Say I could right-click or use an inspector to flag it as code (type: JavaScript, in this case):

Is there a plugin or AppleScript that could help with this? (If not: feature request!) :-)

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I’d like that also… but nobody seems to have responded… Sad sad sad.

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Might be worth exploring pasting into OG from the copy-as-RTF packages for code editors like Atom and Sublime.

If you:

  • paste into the text of an OG shape
  • Copy as > PDF
  • Paste it back in as a PDF object

You can then resize the shape and text together, using Shift and proportional corner-dragging:

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@draft8 wow, perfect, thank you for the tip! A+!

Yeah, nice trick. Thanks