Collaboration : Could this work?

Collaboration has been high on my list of desires for Omnifocus. Don’t think it’s coming any time soon. It’s not really for teamwork per se. It’s really so my wife and I can keep in sync. Just occurred to me, could we just share an account? Top level folder for her, one for me, one for shared… Etc. Use perspectives to filter for our personal requirements. Could this work? Is anyone doing or tried to do this? What pitfalls am I missing? Thanks in advance!


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Well, if you put a lot of detail in there then it might be tricky - e.g. “Buy expensive diamond necklace for wife’s birthday” might ruin the surprise if she happens to see it ;)

The biggest pitfall I can easily see is the shared inbox, if you use the force touch or indeed anything else that puts your tasks into the inbox then you need to have a good system for figuring out who it belongs to.