Collaboration Update

Forgive me for checking back in on this topic, but I searched the forums and only saw this was listed on the roadmap in 2018.

I’m wondering if there is any sort of eta for this enhancement, as it’s a big feature I can use in my department. I’m trying to debate between using OmniFocus and upgrading my iOS apps or Basecamp.


It was on the roadmap and never was implemented. So was nagging notifications. Nada there too. But hey we got tags.

The roadmap is usually published at the end of January, and historically speaking things which were on previous roadmaps but didn’t yet happen have been “rolled over”, so I would personally guess that collaboration is coming this year!

Thanks - The collaboration is one of the big features I am hoping for. I’ve got OmniFocus 3 on the Mac, but will hold off on the iOS pieces until they get this sorted out.

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